Joyce Barwis is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in Victoria, BC.

Sometimes you may feel stuck or hopeless. Or you doubt that you’ll ever achieve your goals or get where you want to go in life. Everything you want can seem out of reach. These and other thoughts swirling around in your mind can hold you back from living life to the full.


In spite of what’s going on, you have within you the potential to change your life for the better. As a therapist, I help you recognize what’s going on inside you. You begin to see how your thoughts and emotions affect your behaviour, your body, and your responses to the world around you. With these insights, you can make healthy choices for yourself and learn to function at a higher level.


We work through your personal and relationship issues in a safe environment. I help you think more clearly about decisions you make in response to a particular situation or event so that you can move out of the “fight, flight or freeze” response. Together we develop tools and strategies that support you in shifting into more positive ways of being that help improve your awareness of yourself and how you operate in the outside world. Setting long and short term goals helps you assess your progress.


I use a variety of different approaches to treatment – mental, emotional and body-centered – to uncover the issues underneath your distress. These approaches are based on the best available research and include:

COVID-19 UPDATE: Existing clients have the option to book in-office or telehealth counseling sessions. Please note that we are currently not accepting new clients.

A Natural Approach to Healing. Joyce maintains a private practice at the Vancouver Island Naturopathic and Integrated Health Clinic.

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“After my session with Joyce my anxiety level decreased substantially and I felt calm and grounded. She is very knowledge and has years of experience in many fields. Also her caring yet professional and respectful manner was very comforting.” – LM

Healing Emotional Difficulties

Healing Emotional Difficulties

Your mental and emotional wellbeing is critical to be able to lead a full life. But sometimes depression, anxiety and stress can get in the way.



You can’t avoid relationships. They come in many forms: spouse, friends, colleagues, family and more. Each one brings rewards as well as challenges. How can you become less reactive and remain balanced in your interactions?

Life & Transitions

Life & Transitions

Normal life circumstances can throw you out of balance and prevent you from living a full life. What do you do when you’re faced with chronic pain, illness, grief, caring for elderly parents, or changes like retirement or menopause?

“I came to Joyce struggling with the physical and mental after- effects of a car accident. She came well recommended and I now know why. Joyce sat as a kind and patient witness to my struggles, and lovingly guided me to my own inner strengths, while constantly and skillfully helping me to understand that what I was experiencing was normal for anyone who goes through a traumatic experience like I did.
After about a year, my feet are back on the ground, and the relationship with my loving partner is back on track.” – Michael


Research shows that the relationship between you and your therapist is a critical factor in the positive outcome of therapy, I offer a fifteen-minute, free, in-person meeting to answer any questions you may have and to see if we fit together. It not, that’s OK too. I can refer to other practitioners.


If you would like to find out more about how my approach to counselling can help you regain a sense of control and peace in your life, contact me at 250.881.1806, or go here to use the form on the “Contact” page.


Or you can go here to read more detailed information on The Therapeutic Process.