Family Relationships

Family Relationships

Family RelationshipsFamily relationships play an important role in our lives. They can provide love, nurturing, safety, fun and a sense of belonging. But relationships are always shifting and changing. When things are going well we feel connected and a sense of harmony. But everything does not always go well.

Sometimes things get off track. There are interactions where feelings are hurt and the resulting actions and behaviors that occur create a change in the level of trust we have for another person. When this happens it can become difficult to function in our day to day life. Our mental health suffers as we become stressed, frustrated, angry, anxious and depressed. Regardless of how we respond to these emotional states we lose the positive interactions from the ones we love. These uneasy times can sometimes be worked through and life carries on; but that is not always the case. There can be experiences where we feel stuck as all attempts to resolve the issue come to a dead end. Clinical counselling can assist you to find relief from intense emotions involving current or past events.

Family, friends, media and our culture often contribute to the negative messages that we have about ourselves including that we never feel good enough, attractive enough or intelligent enough. These feelings can plague our everyday life. Emotions serve as a guide for our actions. Neuroscience has confirmed that what we feel affects how we make decisions and how we create solutions to a particular dilemma. Counselling can provide powerful insights into helping you gain an understanding of how core beliefs contribute to feelings of low self-worth and ways to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Feelings are not fact. They are based on the moments of experience in our lives.

Tension in a marriage or a couple’s relationship can be shifted through marriage counselling. Conflict within family relationships can be greatly improved by altering the family dynamics and improving communication patterns. Family counselling provides the support and skill building process for these changes to take place. Clinical Counselling explores how we see ourselves in specific situations in our life and the negative stories that may go along with that experience. This applies to marriage, family or relationship issues. Counselling is about creating positive lasting change that works for you. Each person has their own matrix in connection to how their thoughts and beliefs have developed.

My belief as a clinical counsellor is that each person be respected and validated as we work towards creating the change you desire through learning how to draw on your strengths, resilience and resources from past experiences to build a fuller life in the present. In my counselling work I support and encourage people to take the small steps that will change how they navigate the challenging triggers that appear in their life. If you or someone you know is struggling in their relationship please call (250) 881-1806 to book an appointment.

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